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You may have heard it said that "All real estate is local". I agree. But whether you are buying or selling, there are a number of considerations that seem to be fairly universal. This site presents some opinions, advice and links that I hope you will find helpful. For questions or comments, please contact me - use the button at the right in the header.



For Sale

As a seller, you need to either sell on your own or select an agent, prepare your property, price it correctly, deal with offers, and - hopefully close the sale. Check the Seller's Information section for information.


If you use a Real Estate Agent in South Carolina, you need to understand the duties and responsibilities of the Agent to you and of you to the agent (yes, it is a two-way relationship). See the Agency Information section for explanations.



As a buyer, you need to search for that "just right" property either on your own or with an agent, deal with offers and counter-offers, and - again hopefully, close the purchase. Check  out the Buyer's Information section.

As many times as you may have heard or seen the term "Realtor®" you might find an explanation of what it means to be helpful (not all agents are Realtors®, and those that are say it is significant). See the "Realtor" section.

Speed Limit


What is an "Active Adult"? There really is a "legal definition" that applies to housing, but the term conveys a lot more. Please see the "Active Adult" section. There is a lot of information on some communities, too.

Just what do those letters after an agent's name mean? ABR, GRI, CAAP, SRES and other designations are defined, and other terms, too in the Terminology section.

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