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Click for a larger image in a new window.The logo on the left is that of the Nation Association of Realtors®. Not everyone with a real estate license is a Realtor®! This is probably one of the least understood simple concepts in real estate. In South Carolina, about 60% of those who hold licenses are members of the association. Many people refer to anyone they know who has a real estate license as a Realtor®, but that is not necessarily accurate. So what?


Why use a Realtor®?

That is an excellent question, because it goes to the heart of the difference between a Realtor® and someone who holds a license but does not belong to the association. There are two big differences: the Realtor® Code of Ethics and the Multiple Listing Service.

The Code of Ethics goes beyond the requirements of the Law of Agency in that it provides statements of principle with specific examples.

The Multiple Listing Service, usually referred to as the MLS, is a resource shared by all Realtors®. If you are selling, it provides information on your listing to all members of the association. If you are buying, it provides information on all the listings in the area covered by the association. For example, in the Myrtle Beach area, the Coastal Carolinas Association of Realtors® has over three thousand members. That means that any one listing will be seen by all those people, not just the agents in one office. and it means that information on all those peoples listings will be available for a would-be buyer to review, not just the listings of one company's agents.


A Little History

The National Association of Realtors® started out as a group of "real estate men" in Chicago in 1908. Back then, anyone could call himself a real estate dealer. There were no licenses; there was no code of ethics; there were no standards. Of course there were unscrupulous people out there. Seeing the need for protection from those people, the first board began. Over time, other groups in other cities followed. Later, the boards got together. Finally, the result has become the National Association of Realtors®.

The point is, this association started life with the purpose of helping to protect the public by promulgating rules for ethical conduct. Even with the laws now in place and even with the oversight provided by the state, the Code of Ethics is providing a higher standard of conduct for those who follow it.

A part of the Code provides for cooperation among the members of the association. The Multiple Listing Service is a result of that commitment to cooperation. The first MLS was established in 1913. The modern result is the ability to search properties nationwide at the Realtor.com website.

National Association of Realtors®

430 North Michigan Avanue

Chicago, IL 60611

Telephone 312-329-8690


Washington, DC Office

500 New Jersey Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20001-2020

Toll-free 800-874-6500



South Carolina Association of Realtors®

3780 Fernandina Road

Columbia, SC 29210

Telephone 803-772-5206

Toll-free 800-233-6381


Mailing Address

P O Box 21827

Columbia, SC 29221



Coastal Carolina

Association of Realtors®

951 Shine Avenue

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Telephone 843-626-3638