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Rich in storied history, natural resources, and wonderful seafood, Murrels Inlet offers more than I can explain here. Visit the web site of Murrells Inlet 2007 for more details. Each picture below will be enlarged as you point at it.

Picture of Murrells Inlet entrance sign.

Picture of a boat on Murrells Inlet.

Picture of Veterans Pier in Murrells Inlet.

Picture of the sign at the public boat landing in Murrells Inlet.

Picture of line of boats waiting to launch.

Picture of three launch and recovery ramps at the public boat landing.

Picture of Nance's restaurant.

Picture of Lee's Inlet Kitchen restaurant.

Picture of Dick's Marina and Spuds restaurant.

Picture of the Dead Dog Saloon.

Picture of Drunken Jack's restaurant on Murrells Inlet viewed from out on Veterans Pier.

Picture of a live oak tree.


Picture of Belin Church spire.   Picture looking south from Dick's Marina.   Picture of boat off the end of Veterans Pier.   Picture of Morse Park.   Picture of catamaran launching from Morse Park.